Justin Theroux delights Jennifer Aniston with his turkey surprise

30th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Justin Theroux flew in from Germany to surprise wife Jennifer Aniston on Thanksgiving.

Justin Theroux arrives at Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport

The 45-year-old actor has been kept busy by his filming commitments which included wrapping up the final season of The Leftovers and his role in upcoming thriller Mute in Berlin, and hadn't been expected to attend their annual "Friendsgiving" dinner the night before Thanksgiving (24Nov16).

While Jennifer did her utmost to keep her guests' spirits up after breaking the news that Justin wasn't going to be there, she told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres that she failed miserably.

"Everyone came to the house and no one really understood that Justin was not going to be there and you just saw everybody's face just start to fall. The whole room got really depressed. I was like, 'Guys, I'm here. I understand Justin's not here, but it's going to be okay!'" Jennifer said.

Things went from bad to worse when Jennifer went solo for the Friendsgiving toast, usually given by her and Justin. But after the "very unimpressive toast where people were not enthusiastic", the table was given a bit of a shock.

"Then salads came out and everyone was just very somber and next thing you know, turkey walks in and there was another turkey holding that turkey," Jennifer smiled.

"And that was my hubby! He came in with the turkey."

Justin and Jennifer married in August, 2015, and appear to be happier than ever. Both have waxed lyrical about each other in interviews since, with Justin recently telling People he always tries to think of little ways to keep his spouse happy.

"Being kind, that's it," he said. "I think that's the best one. Approach each situation with kindness."

Meanwhile, Jennifer's appearance on Ellen's show on Tuesday (29Nov16) also saw her make her debut on Snapchat. Pouting for the camera, Jennifer shared her duck face selfie on Ellen's Snapchat account, much to the surprise of fans.

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