Paul Bettany to portray the Unabomber on TV

30th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Actor Paul Bettany is heading back to TV to star as the infamous U.S. terrorist known as the Unabomber in a new crime drama series.

The Avengers star will portray Ted Kaczynski in Manifesto, which will explore the real-life work of FBI officials as they embarked on a near 20-year manhunt to bring the anarchist to justice.

Kaczynski engaged in a bombing campaign from 1978 to 1995, targeting those involved with modern technology. His reign of terror killed three people and injured 23 others before he was arrested in 1996.

Manifesto will be executive produced by Kevin Spacey and his business partner Dana Brunetti for their Trigger Street Productions banner, while Greg Yaitanes has been hired to direct the series.

He will also serve as an executive producer on the project for America's Discovery Channel.

Kaczynski is currently serving multiple life sentences in prison with no possibility of parole after pleading guilty to multiple counts of illegally transporting, mailing, and using bombs, as well as the deaths of his three victims.

The project isn't the first to chronicle the domestic terrorist's crimes - Tobin Bell previously portrayed Kaczynski in 1996 docudrama Unabomber: The True Story.

Bettany is no stranger to TV work - he began his career on the small screen, with a small role on British police drama The Bill in the 1990s, as well as stints on series like Coming Home and Every Woman Knows a Secret.

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