Oliver Stone: 'Filmmakers be critical of your governments'

29th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Oliver Stone has urged independent filmmakers to be "critical" in their work.

11th Rome Film Festival -'Snowden' - Photocall

The director, producer and writer was honoured for his contribution to the business with a lifetime achievement award at the 26th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday evening (28Nov16) in New York City. As he took to the stage to accept his accolade, Oliver reminded filmmakers now living in the Donald Trump era to use the artform to be critical and hold governments accountable.

"I'd point out to those of you who are struggling to be independent and to stay independent, that's the hard part, staying independent," the Natural Born Killers director said in his acceptance speech at the event. "I'd like to remind you that you can be critical. You can be critical of your government, and we've forgotten that."

Oliver built his reputation on making movies with a political edge, including, JFK, Wall Street and Platoon, which have impacted audiences and popular culture globally. His latest film Snowden, is about former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press back in 2013 which revealed numerous global surveillance programs run by the NSA with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments.

As he has done throughout his career, Oliver urged independent filmmakers to find their voice cinematically and make it heard when it comes to the issues the world is facing.

"So don't go easy on what you think is wrong. Think internationally. There are other values beside our little little echo bowl we have there," he added. "As Mr. Snowden said very clearly, that the mechanism is in place now so that when there is another terror attack, which inevitably there probably will be in this country, the next president, whoever he may be, will have the authority to really close down the system in most oppressive way than it's ever been," he warned.

"This is a major issue in our time and I hope young people won't forget this in your work."

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