Don Henley rethinking Eagles get-together with Glenn Frey's son

29th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Don Henley has ruled out an Eagles reunion with the late Glenn Frey's son.

Rumours suggesting guitarist Deacon Frey could take his dad's place in the band started circulating this summer (16), and drummer Henley confessed the group was considering another get-together after a tribute to their late pal at the Grammy Awards in February (16).

Henley told The Mirror, "At some point in the future, we might work our way round to it (reforming). You know, Glenn has a son, who can sing and play quite well, and one of the only things that would make sense to me is if it were his son (who played with us)."

But it appears Henley has had a change of heart, admitting, "(That story) really p**sed me off, frankly, because I hadn't talked to the kid (Deacon) about it or his mother, so it's just another lesson in keeping my mouth shut."

Henley and his bandmates Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh, performed Peaceful Easy Feeling with Deacon Frey at a private memorial service for Glenn in February (16), and they teamed up with Jackson Browne for the Grammy night salute.

Glenn Frey died in January (16), aged 67.

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