Hilary Swank: 'I didn't have health insurance after Oscar win'

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Hilary Swank wasn't paid enough for her role in Boys Don't Cry to qualify for health insurance.

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The Million Dollar Baby star won an Academy Award for playing a transgender man in the 1999 film, but was unaware she didn't make enough money to qualify for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) union insurance until she went to fill a prescription.

"When I did Boys Don't Cry I was 24-years-old, I made $3,000," she says in an episode of Chelsea Handler's Netflix series Chelsea. "In order to have health insurance you have to make $5,000, so I didn't even know that I didn't have health insurance until I went in and tried to get a prescription and they said, 'That's $160,' and I said, 'Did you try my insurance,' and they said, '(Yes).' I had an Academy Award and no health insurance."

The 42-year-old went on to win her second Oscar in 2005 for her performance in Million Dollar Baby and was subsequently offered a role in a film opposite a popular male co-star. However, Hilary turned down the part after she found out she was being paid significantly less than her male counterpart.

"Then I win my second Academy Award and the next couple movies later I get offered another movie, but the male hadn't had any sort of critical success, but he had been in a movie where he was 'hot', and he got offered $10 million and I got offered $500,000," she continues. "So, I said, 'No', and then they (studio executives) went and found a newcomer who did it for $50,000. So they made a savings of $450,000 to probably give the guy his bonuses."

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