Tallulah Willis frees the nipple in provocative photo shoot

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Tallulah Willis has posed topless in a photo shoot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields.

Tallulah Willis picks up smoothies

The 22-year-old daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore shot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields, who is famous for his nude and seductive portraits of models and celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Francesca Eastwood and former Glee star Heather Morris.

The aspiring actress posed for a series of shirtless snaps for Shields' new book Provocateur. In one still she is seen sitting with her legs apart while perched on top of a toilet seat with her hand down her panties. And in another Tallulah lies back on a bed, sans shirt, smoking a cigarette.

Clearly pleased with the project, Tallulah shared a snap from the session with her 150,000 Instagram followers, captioning the photo: "Tyler Shields took this for his new book! I love him! I love this! Bloobs shouldn't have to be hidden but ¯_(?)_/¯," she wrote.

While Shields told the Daily Mail Online, he wasn't worried about getting a negative reaction from Tallulah's hard man, actor father, Bruce or mum Demi who is known for her own racy snaps.

"I think if he (Bruce) had had a problem with that, he couldn't have been married to her (Demi) and been OK with all of that,' Shields told the website. Although, he also added, "it might be a bit different with his daughter though."

The snapper, whose work often includes depictions of violence and danger, has previously photographed Lindsay brandishing a gun. And in 2011 Shields received death threats after a photoshoot which showed Heather with a bruised eye was criticised for making light of domestic violence.

It's not the first time Tallulah has undressed for the camera; she previously stripped off for a video chat to discuss her battle with body dysmorphic disorder, revealing she deliberately dressed provocatively and starved herself to stay thin.

In 2014 she entered The Meadows addictions and trauma centre in Arizona to be treated for alcohol and cocaine abuse.

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