Ouija: Origin of Evil director: 'My creepy young star is one to watch'

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Director Mike Flanagan has praised the talents of Lulu Wilson, who stars as Hollywood's latest demon child in Ouija: Origin of Evil.

Lulu Wilson

Horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan is convinced the young star of his new movie Ouija: Origin of Evil is going to be a big name.

Lulu Wilson plays possessed Doris Zander in the upcoming horror film and Flanagan, who also discovered Room star Jacob Tremblay, admits he struck gold when she walked into an audition.

"She was quite the discovery," he told LatinoReview.com. "I knew when we were writing that Doris was going to be very tough to cast. We were asking a ton of a very young actor. She has to carry so much of this movie and show a range that's difficult for grown-ups to achieve."

The movie, which also stars Elizabeth Reaser and Annalise Basso, is the second instalment and prequel to the Ouija franchise. It is set in 1967 Los Angeles almost fifty years prior to the first film, and tells the story of widowed mother and family who fake séances as part of a scam in order to make a living.

And Flanagan has gushed about how young Lulu managed to deliver the "very disturbing" content in a confident way in her first audition.

"Her audition piece was a monologue that happens about halfway through the movie, where she talks about what it feels like to be strangled, and it's a very disturbing monologue, so a lot of kids coming in made the obvious choice of how to perform it, which was to read these creepy words in a very creepy way," he explained.

The director added that Lulu also managed to perform her monologues in one "unbroken" take during shooting and he didn't need to cut away from her in the film because she was so gripping in each scene she appeared in.

"She was just that compelling on her own, so I think we're going to be seeing an awful lot of Lulu as she gets older and keeps working and that makes me very happy, just as a moviegoer, because I think she's just an extraordinary talent," he shared.

Flanagan's new movie opens in America on Friday (21Oct16) and is expected to become this year's big Halloween hit at the box office.

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