Sharon Osbourne 'spends £230k per year on first class doggy travel'

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Sharon Osbourne registers her dogs Bella and Rocky as "emotional support animals" to ensure they can travel to the U.K. with her once a month.

Sharon Osbourne

The X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne reportedly spends a staggering £230,000 a year on first class travel for her dogs.

The 64-year-old star is kept busy with her commitments in the U.K. with the ITV talent show and in the U.S. for chat show The Talk, meaning she travels around 16,000 miles every week. As a massive animal lover, Sharon does her best to cope with her transatlantic travelling by purchasing business class seats for her pomeranian pets Bella and Rocky.

According to the Daily Mail Online, Sharon gets around the stringent rules surrounding the international travel of pets by calling the duo her "emotional support animals".

To receive this label, the dogs must have a letter from a registered mental health professional, stating that they are required to be present on the plane for the "physical and emotional" wellbeing of the passenger. The airline, usually Air New Zealand in Sharon's case, also has to be given 48 hours' notice.

It's certainly a life of luxury for the dogs, who have a fully-reclining business class seat each, at a reported combined cost of £19,600, plus doggy biscuits and mineral water as in-flight refreshments when they are flown to the U.K. once a month.

"Sharon adores these dogs - they are like grandchildren to her," a source told the outlet. "She has an incredibly hectic transatlantic job and understandably finds all the flying pretty exhausting and stressful. It takes its toll.

"Bella and Rocky provide a real sense of security and comfort, and are both perfectly happy at 36,000ft. They have their own flat-down beds, and are as good as gold."

Sharon is also believed to have spent a further £400 on individual pet passports for Bella and Rocky.

The music manager is reportedly paid £1.8 million to star as a judge on The X Factor, which requires her to fly from her home in Los Angeles to London each week to film the show, before flying back to America after the live results show on Sunday nights.

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