Rich Robinson forms new group with ex-Black Crowes bandmates

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Ex-Black Crowes star Rich Robinson has staged a semi reunion after forming a new supergroup with three of his old bandmates.

Magpie Salute is all the Crowes, minus Robinson's brother Chris.

"I just did three shows up in Woodstock, with me and Marc Ford and Ed Harsch and Sven Pipien from the Crowes," Rich tells Rolling Stone Country. "They came and joined my band and we did a whole bunch of songs together."

The new band also features keyboard player Matt Slocum, drummer Joe Magistro and backing vocalists Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen.

Magpie Salute will play their first official gig at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City on 19 January (17).

Rich Robinson recently revealed he'd given up hope of persuading his estranged brother Chris to front a Crowes reunion, stating he's not interested, adding, "He's just into the Grateful Dead. He makes his records sound like the Dead; he hangs out with the Dead. It's f**king crazy."

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