New mum Chrissy Teigen grateful for air stewardesses' help during nightmare flight

18th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Model Chrissy Teigen has heaped praise on patient flight attendants after struggling through her first solo plane journey with baby daughter Luna.

Chrissy Teigen out and about with her baby

The beauty, who is married to singer John Legend, reveals the now-six-month-old tot enjoyed her first plane ride over the summer (16), when the couple headed to Europe for a family vacation.

Luna was so well behaved during that trip that Chrissy confesses she took her calm demeanour for granted.

"She was great the entire time," she told on Saturday (15Oct16), during the Marriott International Global Travel Day event in New York. "That was her first real, proper vacation. It went really well and I think I got cocky."

However, Chrissy soon learned Luna could act up like any other kid as she suffered a nightmare trip while travelling alone for the first time with her child, and she ended up handing her girl to the air stewardesses, who were all fellow mums, in an effort to try and stop the tot from crying.

"She lost it for about five hours straight," she laughed. "I swear to God, every flight attendant had at least, like, three or four kids (of their own), so they were passing her around. Everyone was trying something. They were so sweet about it because I was mortified."

John had his first flight alone with Luna on Friday (14Oct16), and Chrissy admits she was secretly hoping he would also have a tough time with her.

She added, "That flight was so difficult that when John travelled alone with her yesterday, a small part of me was like, 'I hope she gives him hell'. But nope, she was perfect for him."

Luna is the couple's first child together. John and Chrissy wed in 2013.

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