Liev Schreiber forgot his lines for Broadway return

18th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Actor Liev Schreiber can no longer boast about never forgetting his lines after struggling with a scene in his new Broadway revival of Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

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The Spotlight star is currently tackling the role of seducer Valmont in the New York play, appearing opposite Janet McTeer, who reprises her part as scheming Marquise de Merteuil from the recent London production at the Donmar Warehouse.

Previews for Les Liaisons Dangereuses, based on the 1782 Choderlos de Laclos novel of the same name, began at the Booth Theater earlier this month (Oct16), but the first show wasn't a smooth run for Liev.

The actor admits he had a tough time memorising the dense dialogue and had to call out "line" for help from the prompter partway through the production, as he simply could not remember one particular sentence.

"I have never called 'line' in my professional career once," he explained on U.S. breakfast show Today. "On our first preview, I broke that cherry and I called 'line' about halfway through the show and I just remember, I must have taken a seven-to-10-second pause, which onstage is an eternity!"

However, even his call for help didn't quite go to plan, either: "Your pride is like, 'I'm not gonna call 'line'. I've never done it, I'm not gonna do it.' And then after 10 seconds, I just kinda went, 'Line...?' and I didn't say it loud enough, so the girl who was the prompter didn't hear me so I had to do it again, and then she said the line and I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I was like (shouting), 'Line!' So I actually called 'line' three times in one show!"

The Broadway role marks Schreiber's first gig on the Great White Way in six years, and after recently announcing his split from longterm partner Naomi Watts, he is enjoying throwing himself into his work opposite McTeer.

He added, "We have a similar kind of athleticism about acting. We have a kind of tenacity and energy and wit, and it's just we're really well-matched, and I'm having the time of my life."

Les Liaisons Dangereuses will officially open at the end of the month (Oct16).

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