Nosy Natalie Dormer

6th Mar 16 | Entertainment News

Natalie Dormer enjoys working on something new because she is nosy and likes getting to know different people.

Natalie Dormer

The 34-year-old actress - who is engaged to actor Anthony Byrne - never has a problem working with new people and she's always keen to get to know as much about them as possible.

She said: ''I'm a nosy b***h. And I'm also with an Irishman and the Irish are very curious and they love to talk to people.

''So yeah, I like asking people lots of questions wherever I go. I want to get to know the people I work with.''

Natalie can next be seen starring in 'The Forest' alongside Taylor Kinney and she enjoyed spending time with her co-star and his fiancee Lady Gaga.

She said: ''Taylor is amazing. I love him. He has an ease and charm that's so natural and plays perfectly in his character.

''Gaga came to visit and we all had dinner. It was super fun.''

Though the blonde beauty jumped at the chance to appear in the horror film, she admits she actually prefers watching comedies.

She told LOOK magazine: ''I don't really like horror films, I prefer comedies.

''I don't get a kick out of being scared. I'm a bit of a chicken really.

''I like psychologically interesting horror movies.''