Katy Perry enjoying time off

8th Aug 15 | Entertainment News

Katy Perry has revealed that she is thrilled to be enjoying some time off so she can eat what she wants and catch up with her friends.

Katy Perry

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker is currently making the most of having time off from her busy tour schedule and indulging in some calorific treats.

She said: ''Right now, I'm off tour for the summer and it's almost like I've entered a food-eating competition which lasts three months! So I'm really enjoying myself.''

When she isn't keeping in shape with her intense dance routines, Katy enjoys staying trim by going hiking with her friends as it means she can fit in a catch up at the same time as exercising.

She told LOOK magazine: ''I think a very easy, no money way to stay in shape is to go on wonderful hikes with your girlfriends.

''Which is great because, sometimes, you find you can't keep up with all your friends - you want to spend time with them, so then you're kind of working out and catching up at the same time.

''But my tour definitely keeps me in shape when I'm on one.''

The 30-year-old pop star admires her friend Kate Hudson's figure and wishes she was as ''committed'' to looking after herself as her pal.

She said: ''My friend Kate Hudson continues to look fantastic and she's had two kids, but she's very natural, healthy, and she does an alkaline diet.

''She's very committed and hopefully one day I will be able to be that committed.''