Warwick Davis: My kids are 'overly critical' of my work

23rd Dec 13 | Entertainment News

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis admits his children are ''overly critical'' of his work.

The 42-year-old actor insists his daughter Annabelle, 16, and son Harrison, 10, are the best supporters of his talent because they tell him where he needs to improve and what he needs to change.

He said: ''My kids tend to be overly critical actually of my performances, which is a good thing because then I'll go away and improve it. They're my fiercest critics sometimes but then again my biggest supporters as well.''

The English star insists his kids often help him learn his lines by performing with him at home.

He explained: ''As an actor I often have scripts at home to rehearse and yes I will perform them out loud for the kids and just see what they think.

''Most of my reading is now scripts in fact, learning them, and there's no better way of learning a script than actually doing it out loud because you get to hear whether you're any good and you get feedback from other people and it's just a way of trying it out, I suppose.''

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