Dionne Bromfield: Amy Winehouse came to me as a butterfly

28th Jun 13 | Entertainment News

Dionne in The Sims 3 Island Paradise poster

Dionne Bromfield claims her late godmother Amy Winehouse came to her as a butterfly.

The 17-year-old singer - who was signed to Amy's label Lioness Records in 2009 - believes the singer was at her own funeral in spirit and has written the song 'Black Butterfly' about the 'Back to Black' hitmaker, who tragically died in 2011 aged just 27.

Dionne exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The butterfly was at Amy's funeral service. The butterfly came at the beginning of the service and sat on one of the guests shoulders for the whole service and when they rolled up the coffin the butterfly flew out with it.

''Everyone knows that a butterfly would not sit on a shoulder for nearly 30 or 40 mins and I've never seen a black butterfly in my life - so I thought it was pretty crazy.

''It was almost like she was the butterfly and she was there with everyone even though she wasn't.''

Dionne - who was guided and inspired by Amy when she started her career - considers the emotional track ''probably one of the best songs'' she's ever wrote.

She explained: ''When you hear it you won't even need to know what I have to say about it because it speaks for itself - it's very personal and it's very graphic.

''When you hear the actual song itself you can picture exactly what I'm saying and understand the whole story of it - it's like an anecdote really.''

The soul singer insists her music has changed now that she is older but remains thankful to her godmother Amy for everything she did to help her career as ''without her none of it would have actually been possible''.

Dionne - who was speaking to promote 'The Sims 3 Island Paradise', which is available to buy from today (28.06.13) - said: ''Every time something good happens musically I'm always like Amy's probably watching over or maybe Amy helped that happen.''

Amy was last seen in public when she joined Dionne on stage at The Roundhouse venue in Camden, north London.