Russell Brand: 'I was a postman for sex'

11th Jun 13 | Entertainment News

Russell Brand

Russell Brand became a postman to try and bed women.


The 38-year-old former sex addict claims he was a mail man for three weeks and took the job because he thought it would give him a good opportunity to try and chat up women when he delivered their letters.


Speaking on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', he explained: ''I was a mail man for a little while - it didn't go well.


''In my mind there's a cultural illusion that this is an opportunity for early morning conjugal activity. I thought the housewives would open the door with a gesture to the nether regions. It turns out it's not a window for sex. They just want the letters basically.


''I thought as a mail man, sex would be everywhere for me. Simply not true. It was series of doors being closed in my face.''


After realising being a postman didn't come with the added bonus of casual sex, the comedian resorted to stealing mail.


He said: ''It was a zero per cent success rate so I just resorted to stealing letters. It was the only way to cheer myself up. The money's not very good so you're not incentivised to not steal the letters.''


The star - who divorced Katy Perry in 2012 - recently claimed he was trying to be more ''discerning'' about who he sleeps with and attempting to calm down his sexual obsessions.


He explained: ''I'm calming down a bit. I'm a bit less likely to just relentlessly hurl myself into a troth full of parts, you know, sex parts. Now I try and be a bit more discerning about what goes on.''

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