Key hair colour trends for 2013

13th Nov 12 | Beauty

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jessica Speechly, head of colour at Errol Douglas Salons, talks 2013 colour trend predictions

It may have been their year of ombre, dip dye and bold colour changes in celebrity-ville, but as 2012 draws to a close it's time to look ahead to next year's hair trends. Jessica Speechly, head of colour at Errol Douglas Salon, reveals what she thinks will be the colours and techniques complementing our wardrobes, rocking the red carpet and causing a hair stir in 2013. "There's no trend that should come before individual style and overall hair health - good condition is key to rocking a stunning colour choice," notes Speechly. So what should we expect? We take a look at her predictions for next year.

Iced blondes

"This is an extremely cool tone of blonde for equally cool chicks; imagine the surface of an untouched ice rink - this isn't pastel, it's a frost finish and very ice princess. It would like great on natural blondes, and suits fair skin tones. It looks particularly good on shorter haircuts or ladies with long bold one length hair"

Scorching burnt browns

"Browns will be inspired by rust tones on the colour spectrum; giving a really flattering copper undertone that will warm the face. The almost 'burnt brown' tone will work really well with the texture we've seen on the runway and will be seeing more of in 2013. It's a warm tone that suits most, and looks particularly good on fairer skin tones. With super glossy styling, it catches the light beautifully."

Dramatic red

"2013 goes high-gloss for the redhead, it's less copper more true dramatic red - that red only achievable through expert colouring. This is a stunning colour makeover for natural red heads or for those looking for a complete change for the New Year. This isn't a highlights look - it's a solid block colour. What's really great is that with the right hair care this really let's healthy hair shine and take centre stage."

Crazy colours get flip-reversed

"Forget dipped ends and splashes of festival colours through the ends - this will be flipped on its head - crazy colour at the crown and roots moving down to natural hair colour through the ends. This means blondes can play around with dusky rose tones on the roots and brunettes with denim blues. Denim blue I predict will be the most popular interpretation of this, particularly playing with fluorescent undertones similar to the Jean Paul Gaultier runway at Paris Fashion Week."

Hidden colour with hair veil technique

"I'm excited about this technique trending in 2013. 'Veiling' creates hidden panels of colour so that when the hair is flipped from side to the other it exposes the contrasting colour. Blondes hiding panels on one side will create the illusion of asymmetric hair colour and Brunettes can do the same with a panel of red or auburn. When the hair is flipped, it will give an appearance of a whole other tone, it's also hidden really easily so is incredibly wearable."

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