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26th Oct 12 | Beauty

MyChelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel

Pumpkin is one of beauty's best kept secrets.

While you may only think of pumpkins as something you carve on Halloween, they actually have therapeutic properties that make them a key ingredient in many beauty products.

Still a relatively new ingredient in beauty rituals, this spicy super-fruit not only works as a remedy for inflammation and irritation but it also contains skin-purifying healers that rid the skin of dull, dry cells. "It is the perfect exfoliant," says non-invasive cosmetic surgeon Dr Sach Mohan. "The anti-ageing benefits of pumpkin, including Vitamin A, help to speed up the cell renewal process as well as nourish the skin."

Here's our pick of the best products made from the gourd to make you look gorgeous.

Lush Handy Gurangu hand cream

You've got to hand it to this one - it sure packs a punch! This heavy-hitting hand cream really tackles hard-worked hands and the quick-absorbing pumpkinseed butter in the formula will add a huge injection of moisture into your mitts.

Molton Brown Skinbalance Toning Lotion

If scrubs and peels are too harsh for your skin then invest in this Molton Brown Skinbalance Toning Lotion to soften up. The vitamin K (found in the formula's pumpkin enzymes), exfoliates the skin without irritating it and you'll also find any treatments you apply afterwards are more effective.

Om Aroma & Co Pumpkin Seed Night Organic Serum

Heal chapped skin by rubbing a few drops of this serum onto your face before bed; the pumpkinseed oil's vitamin E and linoleic acid make skin more supple while you sleep, while the intensive repair fatty acids and Vitamin A provide an intensive shot of wrinkle-busting powers into your dermis.

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Purée Treatment Masque

This hair masque has strand-strengthening amino acids and moisture-rich fatty acids - both of which are derived from this super fruit. You're left with shiny hair that smells, well, of pumpkin. Delicious.

MyChelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel

This award-winning fortifying peel is packed full of pumpkin pulp which rejuvenates the skin while aiding detoxification. It's pumpkin perfection for your pores.

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