These gorgeous brushes are essential for any beauty junkie's make-up bag

28th Jun 17 | Beauty

Update your make-up bag with these amazing brushes 

Any make- up addict will tell you that the first step to achieving the perfect look is to have the right brushes in your make-up bag.

After all, you can splurge on all the best foundations and eye shadows, but without the right tools to apply them, then it can all go to waste.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to equip yourself with all the essential brushes and tools for a flawless finish.

For over 30 years, wet n wild® has been a go to brand for beauty lovers all over Ireland and with their incredible price points, it’s easy to see why.

We just love their brand new make-up brushes and starting at just €2, they are the perfect treat for any beauty junkie looking to update their make-up bag.

These four gorgeous soft brushes have an exclusive design and an ergonomic handle, helping with control and making your make-up application more comfortable.

Large Eyeshadow Brush 

An essential for any eyeshadow addict, this large eyeshadow brush with soft, rounded bristles holds just the right amount of product for blending.

RRP €2

Small Concealer Brush 

This small, flat headed brush is perfect for applying concealer to minor blemishes with precision.

RRP €2

Foundation Brush 

The foundation brush makes it easy to apply any type of liquid or cream foundation precisely and evenly,- a must have for any girl’s make- up bag.

RRP €4

Powder Brush

This large, soft versatile brush is perfect for applying any powder with a smooth, even application.

RRP €4

You can pick up any of the featured brushes from wet n wild®  stockists nationwide.