The ultimate bridal beauty countdown: five weeks

15th Jun 17 | Beauty

Your venue is booked and dress has been purchased, so now it's time to focus on your beauty and wellbeing!

The ultimate bridal beauty countdown: five weeks

As well as getting your Botox around this time frame, any brides-to-be looking to plump up their pout, the four to six week mark should also be your guide time.

As with Botox, first time lip filler patients should not wait until this late to try it, with experts at U.K. Apprentice winner Dr. Leah Totton's Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic advising you try this treatment well in advance of your big day, to make sure you're happy with your altered looks.

"A month is cutting the finest I would go for, I wouldn't do less than a month just because in the rare case that something does go wrong, you've got time to rectify it," Dr Zoya Diwan told Cover Media.

"I'd say six weeks to two months is a good time to have it done. Or many people try it a year in advance to see what it's like, so they know the practitioner, they know how it looks, so when they come again they know what they're going to get, they feel comfortable with the person. Your stress levels a year before the wedding and two months before the wedding are completely different!"

Dr. Diwan uses Juvederm's lip filler products, which she praises for "going into the natural creases of your own lip and not looking too pouty".

The treatment is over and done with in 10 minutes, with the injections used after numbing cream has been applied. There is also numbing agent in the filler themselves, but there is of course a sting from the injection. It can be quite painful so be prepared for your eyes to water, but the uncomfortable feeling subsides almost instantly and doesn't linger once the injections stop.

When it comes to aftercare, heat is something you need to avoid for the first three days.

"So saunas, steam rooms... if you're going for a spa session before your wedding do it three to four days after you get your lip fillers done," Dr. Diwan listed. "Hot drinks, hot showers. Try and have your drinks through a straw for the first three four days, because direct heat is is going to break the filler down; for the first few days it's like Play-Doh, you can remould it and heat will break it down.

"The other key things not to do immediately after is to touch or rub or massage it, mainly for infection purposes, and also because we don't want you to move the filler to any other place that we don't want it to be."

It's best to avoid alcohol for 24 hours because it can interact with the filler, though a glass of wine is OK, and also steer clear of heavy exercise.

"Make-up is another thing that you should avoid for the first four hours, just until all the little holes heal up," the facial aesthetics expert added. "They close up basically before you even leave the room, because if they were still open they would be bleeding, but just to be on the safe side for infection purposes, because your make-up has been in your bag for months."

And finally avoid foods that make you open your mouth too wide, like an apple, and smokers should resist the urge to have a cigarette, which will mean pursing their lips.

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