How to go light with thin hair

21st Apr 17 | Beauty

Just because you don't have luscious locks doesn't mean you're not eligible to lighten things up.

How to go light with thin hair

For those people who are desperate to go blonde or lighten things up but are worried about damaging their already thin hair, fear not. It isn't an impossible feat and just requires concentration and care, as senior colourist Marcos Verissimo at prestigious London salon Neville Hair and Beauty has explained. This venue has catered to some famous names, including Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller, so Marcos knows his stuff!

To ensure each customer is given a personal look, Marcos approaches each client as a "blank canvas" and caters to them as an individual rather than recreating the same look.

"Some clients suit a more traditional technique such as methodical highlights. I like to select a bespoke service and for clients with thinner hair, I visually select the pieces of hair I want to colour," he told Cover Media of his approach to thin hair. "Creating the shape with layering and the use of shadowing. It's often best not to use bleach on thinner hair as it can be prone to breakage, however with the use of a bleach-free lightening agent, you can lift the hair with minimal damage."

No matter what though, Marcos picks a service which best suits the customer's "lifestyle and personality" and gives his best advice on how to create the desired finish.

There are other ways you can brighten up your tresses away from a salon though which doesn't involve buying a box of DIY bleach. Lightening agents are easy to get your hands on, just make sure you read the ingredients carefully and you can even speak to an expert to make sure you've picked the best product. Some may be harsher than you think so don't jump straight into using them.

Natural methods are also a great way to try colouring and while these won't have an instant effect like visiting a professional would, if you're patient enough the effort will pay off.

Now the warmer weather is hitting a lot of spots around the globe, soaking in as much vitamin D - while being safe with sunscreen - will make the world of difference on your hair. It will naturally lighten and to give hair a helping hand, add some lemon juice mixed with the same amount of water onto your hair before sitting in the park to lift colour.

Vitamin C is another great way to boost your body and brighten your hair, only if you apply directly though. Beauty experts recommend crushing up to eight tablets up and mixing them into shampoo to help stimulate the strands.

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