Mineral make-up master class

20th Apr 17 | Beauty

If your make-up doesn't include mineral make-up, why not?!

Mineral make-up master class

Mineral make-up has slowly but surely become a staple beauty buy over the last few years, with everyone from MAC to Maybelline creating mineral offerings.

New brand Lin&Lo Mineral Make-up is aiming to revolutionise the market with its range of high performance mineral make-up that combines the highest standards of purity, enriched with minerals and unique natural ingredients to ensure your skin gets the treatment it deserves.

Co-founder Alina Milos, who started the brand with Laura Bouillard, opened up to Cover Media about why mineral make-up deserves its place on beauty shelves.

"There are a number of reasons it's so popular," she started. "The matte textures of the products make it a generally attractive option for show business where the skin is exposed to flashes and needs to appear flawless at all times.

"It is also a particularly attractive option for people who tend to have allergic reactions and irritations after applying traditional make-up. Besides, people of all ages begin to realise that they need to care about their skin much earlier in their life and mineral make-up does just that. Indeed, instead of exposing the skin to harmful components, mineral make-up takes care of the skin thanks to its numerous beneficial ingredients."

Creating the brand to reflect their cosmopolitan lifestyles and high expectations, Alina and Laura offer face, lip and eye make-up, as well as brushes.

As for how to use it, well Alina says that's up to you.

"There are actually no strict rules and mineral make-up is very easy to apply. One of the main advantages is that you only need a small amount of product to achieve visible and truly great results. Therefore mineral make-up is ideal for an everyday use and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins," she smiled.

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