Plump lips without fillers this Valentine's Day

13th Feb 17 | Beauty

Want bigger lips but don't like the idea of injecting filler into your mouth? We have the answer!

Plump lips without fillers this Valentine's Day

As we approach another Valentine's Day, our facial focus is one again shifted to our lips.

While you may be able to achieve a temporarily pumped up pout with clever lipstick and liner combos, for lasting results many women now turn to injections. But what if fillers simply aren't your thing? Well good news ladies, Jasmina Vico can make your lips extra kissable without a needle in sight.

Using Fotona 4d Laser Lip Lift, the London-based skin expert and facialist is able to make lips look noticeably fuller with no side effects or down time.

"It increases vascular in your lips," Jasmina explained to Cover Media of the method. "It creates small micro injuries which therefore make your skin have a plumping reaction. The laser is attracted to haemoglobin, to water."

As well as working around the outline of the lips, Jasmina also uses the laser on the inside of the mouth, for added lift. And the bonus of going inside the mouth? You can't feel it at all!

"That's because it's a mucous (membrane) so the structure of the skin is different," she noted. "It's the same as in the vagina. The nerve endings are different in your mouth. That's why when you cut your skin or get an ulcer in the mouth, they feel very different."

When the laser is used on the skin it feels like drops of hot water; a slight sensation but no real pain.

The Fotona 4d Laser is suitable for most skin types, and can be used on different areas of the body and face, including adding lift to the eye and cheek areas.

Following the procedure, which takes no more than 10 minutes, there are no tell-tale side effects, no redness or bleeding, and you're good to go and show them off. Results last about two weeks, meaning this is a great option if you have an important event or occasion coming up.

While Jasmina would never condemn Botox and fillers, she is keen to point out that are other lifting and plumping options available.

"I strengthen the skin, almost like in between the walls (of the skin), I strengthen to make sure the building doesn't collapse," she explained. "If you think of the skin as a wall and five different layers, if that skin is healthy, it's not going to collapse. But if you're just doing fillers and Botox the skin is not healthy because you're not strengthening it with antioxidants, with skin care, with treatments, masks, food, lifestyle. Eventually the wall will collapse.

"The health of the skin is a lot more important than rebuilding. It's like rebuilding the house from outside but not putting anything inside."

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