Pigtails for grown-ups

27th Oct 16 | Beauty

Want to try pigtails without looking childish? Read on for our tips on how to do this look in an age-appropriate way.

Pigtails for grown-ups

You might think of childhood favourite Pippi Longstocking when you think of pigtails, but there's a new way to wear this style that's both age-appropriate and chic for adults. While your throwback style was probably smooth and neat, when doing pigtails as a grown-up it's all about looking artfully messy. Use Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn as your pigtail inspiration - just without the side order of crazy!

"Pigtails are for all ages," Joanna Williamson, Director of Styling & Education at aer Blowdry Bar, told Cover Media. "As long as you dress in the right outfit for your age, adult pigtails can be a real outfit statement. Style a traditional pigtail in a more trendy way - opt for fish tail pigtails, pigtail buns or tonged messy pig tails."

Whatever style you go for, you need to start by parting your hair. Using a pointed end comb, divide your locks down the middle. Again, this doesn't have to be completely accurate as you want it to look as though you spent two seconds putting your hair up, not two hours. Once you've divided your hair, it's time to get backcombing! Picking up the tresses in small (but not too small) sections, spray hairspray on the section and then use a backcombing brush to get some volume from the root to the tip. We like Denman's Dressing Out brush, as it has a pintail end that can help you with the parting. Remember that you can smooth it down once it's finished, so don't be alarmed as you progress! Once you've backcombed your whole head of hair, it's time to start the pigtails. If your hair is long enough, it's a nice idea to keep a strand at the middle of the head out on each side so you can wrap it round the pigtail to conceal the hairband.

Divide your hair into the pigtail sections and use your brush or comb to gently tease the locks to the height you want on your head. Once you have done this, get a band - Scunci's clear polybands are a good choice for any hair type and colour - and carefully secure around the pigtail. Do the same on the other side and grab your backcombing brush again for some finishing touches. Carefully add some more volume to the areas that may have dropped and spritz with hairspray to perfect the look - you can't go wrong with L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray. If you do want to wrap the hair around the band, then do this carefully and secure in place with a bobby pin in the same shade as your hair.

If you aren't keen on voluminous pigtails then you can try curling your hair first. Use a wide-barrelled curling tong to ensure it's not too much like Ms. Longstocking's look, and use the backcombing brush to gently pull apart the curls when you're done. Once again spritz some spray on at the end to keep everything in place.

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