How to wear highlighter in the fall

19th Oct 16 | Beauty

We find out how to get a pretty glow even as the cooler weather approaches.

Kim Kardashian

From Kim Kardashian to your favourite YouTube stars, make-up fans have been completely obsessed with highlighting this summer.

While that dewy look is perfect for the warmer months, it can also transition well into the autumn to create dimension on the face instead of the flat powder-contour look.

To tailor your illuminating look, make-up artist and MUA brand ambassador Karla Powell has shared some top tips for highlighting different face shapes.

For those with a heart-shaped face, Karla advises highlighting the inner eye area and brow bone to draw attention to your peepers. "Also add to the chin and jawline to broaden the bottom half of your face to make it appear rounder," she told Cover Media.

For those with an oval face, enhance the complexion by picking out the prominent areas where light naturally hits. Try MUA Luxe's Glow Beam Liquid Highlight Cushion in Gold, applying to the face by placing the sponge applicator into the highlighter and gently dabbing onto the cheekbones, nose, chin or cupid bow for the ultimate luminous look.

To add dimension to your round shaped face, add highlighter to the centre of the face in order to pull your features forward.

"You can also highlight your upper cheekbones and under your eyebrow arch," explained Karla.

Meanwhile, those with a square face should focus highlighting on the centre of your face to add a lovely glow to features.

"Highlighting your chin will also give your face added dimension," she added.

For those with oily skin, Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter is a great option to try, as a quick swipe gives a nice sheen that's not too obvious, and works both on a tan and on paler skin in the dead of winter. NARS Hot Sand Illuminator is great on dry or combination skin, as it makes skin look plumper and more radiant, whilst not leaving any tell-tale lines. And for those who want a really natural approach, Perricone MD's No Highlighter Highlighter is for you. Instead of leaving any obvious shiny deposits, this liquid simply adds a touch of radiance wherever you apply it.

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