The brighter, the better! Embrace the 80s trend with your make-up

19th Oct 16 | Beauty

Channel your inner Material Girl by embracing the new trend for bright and beautiful 80's inspired make-up.

The brighter, the better! Embrace the 80s trend with your make-up

Make-up artist Rosie Lewis, who has a vast array of A-list clients on her roster, has loved seeing the re-emergence of the eye-catching hues and attention-grabbing finishes over the past few months.

"The 1980's are hot right now," she told Cover Media. "Not just on the catwalks, but in popular culture too. Look at people like Boy George and BROS being celebrated in the news again.

"Bright block colours are finding their way into interior design, fashion and accessories with artists like Camille Walala leading the way with her 80's Miami aesthetic."

As for why she's such a fan of the look when it comes to make-up, Rosie added: "There aren't many make-up looks that are simply about fun, and that's why I love the 80's. It was about expressing yourself, showing that you were not afraid to be an individual."

This isn't a look for the faint-hearted, but is perfect if you have a big night on the town or event planned. Perhaps the easiest way to experiment is with a bright lipstick. MAC are known for their highly-pigmented shades, and Ariana Grande's Viva Glam shade for the company is a good place to start - a gorgeous matte but bright orchid pink that will leave even the most ardent 80s raver green with envy. Another trend that swept the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week was using lipstick as blusher. And given that blusher in the eighties was always bright, why not try out this trend too? Just use your finger and rub on the top of the lipstick, before carefully dabbing onto the apples of the cheek and blending in.

Eye-wise, it's still a case of the brighter, the better. Blues, greens and metallics are all favourites when it comes to this era. If you don't want to go all out with colour, opt for a thick bright eyeliner and give yourself a winged flick. Finish with lashings of mascara for the perfect party girl look.

When it comes to finishing off your look, Rosie is a big fan of the rainbow highlighter which caused a storm on social media earlier this year (16). "The prettiest way the 80's trend is manifesting itself in make-up right now is the trend for prismatic, rainbow highlighter, which is a softer take on the bold streaky blusher of the 80s first time around," Rosie explained.

These highlighters aren't easy to come by though, with Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty, the original makers of the rainbow highlighter, almost always sold out. Keep checking though - this 80s trend would be a fantastic one to try for the office Christmas party!

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