How to condition your hair the right way

18th Oct 16 | Beauty

Now you know how to shampoo your hair, learn how to condition it properly.

How to condition your hair the right way

Hair guru Andrew Bidwell has already given us the lowdown on how to shampoo our hair (only shampoo the roots, letting the water carry product down to the ends as you wash it out), and now he's guiding us on conditioning.

For this stage it's time to shift your attention from root to tip.

"Rather than get handfuls of conditioner and throw it on the head and the roots, get a sensible amount and put it where it's needed, which is on the ends working your way back into the mid lengths," Andrew told Cover Media.

For fine hair in particular, it's important to try and keep conditioner off the roots, unless you suffer from frizzy hair. If this is you, start at the ends and work your way up.

"Generally leave it on for a minute or two and then at the last moment as you rinse it out take it through your roots," is his advice for all hair.

"Some people with fine hair don't think they can use conditioner as it flattens the hair. But you wouldn't cleanse your face without toning it. You've got to close the hair and close the cuticles back down. So even if you've got the softest, baby soft hair, you should use a pea size amount of conditioner and rinse it through, and then as you rinse it under the shower it's literally on your scalp for five seconds, but it's still enough to close down the cuticle. It stops the hair getting too dry."

Andrew and homeopath Jonathan Stallick started haircare brand Swell, to help those suffering with fine and limp hair. Their products are packed full of natural ingredients that both nourish and volumise hair.

"We want to educate our customers because one of the things I've learnt was by washing our hair, shampooing and conditioning, the way we do that is actually crucial to the results we get," Jonathan said.

"Most brands say apply, rinse out, apply again and then rinse. The advantage of the less is more philosophy at Swell is that the products become more economical to use."

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