Bathroom beauty

20th Jan 16 | Beauty

Kick back and relax this winter in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Bathroom beauty

The days are short, the weather is cold and all we want is to fill the tub with hot steaming water and submerge with a good book (and maybe a glass of wine).

A bit of bubble bath is nice, but we've been using the foamy stuff since we were kids. Now's the time to venture, quite literally, into more grownup waters. From coffee smelling exfoliators to luxury bath oils, winter is the time to hibernate in your bathroom and pamper yourself.

Cup O' Coffee

Lush are the king of bathroom goodies, and many of us are already bath bomb enthusiasts. For a different body beautifying ritual, grab a pot of its Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Wash. After all, what's more grown up than coffee? After slathering on the thick mask, leave it so sink in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off, gently massaging the scrubbing coffee grounds away.

Indulgent bath oils

Oil is now a beauty buzz word, with women no longer scared to slather it on to their skin in place of heavy face creams. Bath oil works in a similar way, conditioning your body and not just your face. For a real indulgence treat pick up one of Jo Malone's offerings. Anyone who's a fan of the perfume brand will know the same scents run through all its products; fragrance, candles, diffusers etc. The signature smells also feature in bath oil form, which will not only soften your skin but also give your sense of smell a heady experience.

Luxury face mask

While you lie in bubbles, reading your book and sipping your wine, there really is no better time to apply a face mask. Oskia's Renaissance Mask should be your first port of call for this. Oskia is founded on a belief that natural is best, and the brand shuns all skin nasties. The mask will reveal brighter, fresher skin by smoothing and softening your complexion. Packed full of the goodness of passion fruit, grape, lemon and grapefruit AHAs, your parched winter skin will soon be thanking you for this refreshing treatment.

At home Jacuzzi

Some people have Jacuzzi baths already fitted, but the majority of us only get our hot tub on when we're on holiday. Well Medisana have solved that problem with its Whirlpool Mat with Aroma Dispenser. The anti-slip mat fits in any bath tub, and is controlled by a remote. With heat and massage function, this will add a hint of luxury to even the most unglamorous of bathrooms. Lie back and relax.... pure bliss.

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