3 Reasons Crocodile Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

23rd Nov 15 | Beauty

If you feel exotic enough, try incorporating crocodile oil into your beauty regime.

Crocodile oil benefits

For those of you open to experimenting with the latest craze in the beauty industry, this one's for you. Forget coconut or argan oil; crocodile oil is the new kid on the block. It won't be to everyone's taste but nevertheless, we think it's time you find out what the fuss is all about.

The best place to start is how it's sourced. Crocodile oil derives from the fat of the animal, so think about what you're putting on your skin before slathering it on. It's a byproduct of trimming and preparing of crocodile meat, so is not vegetarian or vegan friendly. That said, the companies who provide it do ensure they follow ethical guidelines, with brands such as Repcillin not testing on animals and receiving approval from boards including Fair Trade.

Still want to give it a go? Then on to the benefits!

Tackles dry skin

An oil wouldn't be worth investing in if it didn't nourish and when it comes to crocodile oil, you won't be left disappointed. Despite the reptiles having distinctly dry, scaly skin, their fat actually boasts softening properties thanks to ingredients including linoleic acid and vitamins A and E. So if you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, this oil could be a great way to treat it.

Healing properties

If you have a burn, cut or rash wreaking havoc, crocodile oil will ease any irritation. It contains oleic acid, which helps reduce inflammation, and will help speed up the healing process. It also has high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9, proven to ease swelling and redness. In fact, results have been compared to that of ibuprofen, so if you're not a fan of taking pills, this could be a great alternative.

Youthful properties

That's right; on top of the benefits listed above, crocodile oil also has anti-ageing properties. It contains oleic acid, which rejuvenates cells to make everything firmer and fresher all round. The sapogens in it are skin softeners so not only will you look younger, but you'll feel the difference too.

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