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Having already brought you a host of hit Irish shows from our state of the art Virgin Media TV3 HD Studio, including Keith Barry: Brain Hacker, The Lie and Crossfire, now it is your chance to get involved and take part in some of TV3's incredibly exciting new shows.

Join the Pat Kenny Tonight Audience

From October, Pat Kenny and Colette Fitzpatrick host a brand new current affairs discussion programme with live studio audience called Pat Kenny Tonight. If you are interested to witness, and maybe even take part in, debates on the most vital current and social affairs issues, please get in touch. Live every Wednesday night, Pat Kenny Tonight will give you the opportunity to have your say on the major talking points of the week and will feature the politicians, commentators and all the major players involved in the week’s news stories and events. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of it!

Conor Pope’s Consumer 999

Have you recently been the victim of a rogue builder? Maybe you hired someone to work on your house and it turned out to be a disaster? Or paid for goods or services from a supplier but didn’t get your money’s worth?

Conor Pope’s Consumer 999 is a brand new investigative consumer series. Conor Pope will use all of his expertise and experience to confront companies who are misleading, mistreating and defrauding their customers, in an effort to bring positive closure to distressing consumer ordeals.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of a con/scam and would like Conor’s help, then call 087 431 4862 or click here to email us.

Doctor In The House

TV3’s Doctor in the House is returning to our screens and the programme-makers are currently looking for households to take part.

- Have you neglected your health? - Are you concerned about your family’s health? - Are you worried that your lifestyle will cause health problems? - Are you interested in a full health NCT?

Professor Niall Moyna, Dr. Nina Byrnes and Dr. Sinead Beirne will use their expertise to identify potential health risks and design a personalised health and lifestyle plan for the households.


Can't make the dates to shows we have listed but would still like to be an Audience Member at TV3? Simply join our database & be the first to hear of upcoming TV3 shows. To register your interest fill in your details & tell us what sort of shows interest you.

Would you like to be a Goggleboxer?

Are you part of a family or group of friends who love nothing better than sitting down together to have a chat about what’s on the telly?

Gogglebox is a weekly show on TV3, which features recurring couples, families and friends sitting in their homes, watching TV shows and reacting to what they are viewing. Although it sounds like a bizarre notion (watching people watching telly) Gogglebox is addictive viewing and once you tune in, you won’t be able to tune out. We are looking for opinionated people from all over Ireland to have their say on what’s on TV. Whether they’re rating or slating the programmes and presenters, or just having a chat about what’s on – we want to know about it.

So, if you are part of a group or family and think you would be perfect for Gogglebox then please email

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