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On Wedneday's Episode:  As Tina and Peter make their way to the bedroom, a frustrated Carla calls his phone again and again (he’s supposed to be watching a film with her and Simon). When Peter finally sees all the missed calls, he leaves a hurt Tina. Wracked with guilt he drowns his sorrows in the factory but will Carla be able to smell the Whisky on his breath?

Coronation Street - Wednesday at 7.30pm on TV3 and 3player.

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Wednesday, 16 April

Carla gives Peter an ultimatum. Maria finally confronts Todd. Owen is confused by Anna's behaviour

Monday, 14th April

Carla's discovery leaves her horrified. Can Anna live with her sordid secret? Maria ponders over...

Monday, 14th April

Anna reels when Phelan shows up at her home. Will Peter be able to resist temptation? Audrey is...

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