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    Fish and Chips

    Garry Hughes - The Shelbourne



    200g Fresh Plaice Fillets

    100ml Tempura Batter (Packet by Blue Dragon)

    Lemon Juice for Seasoning

    Flour to Coat Fish 


    Method: ·

    Fillet Fish or ask your fishmonger · Lightly dust in flour and coat with batter · Blanch at 140°c for 3minutes · Remove and turn up fryer to 180°c, cook until golden brown · Drain and season  




    4 Large Rooster Potatoes (peeled and cut into large batons)

    250ml Duck Fat

    Sea Salt / Vinegar to Season 


    Method: ·

    Steam until cooked, cool for 20 minutes or until soft · Cook in duck fat until golden brown in pot with duck fat - high heat  · Drain and Season   


    PEAS: (combine all below ingredients)  100g Marrowfat Peas  100g Frozen Peas 30g Butter Few Sprigs of Mint  Chopped the mint leaves, follow instructions on packet for peas and put all ingredient together once cooked and mix


    SAUCE: (combine all below ingredients)  250mls Mayonnaise 50g Capers 50g Gherkins (chop into small pieces) 30g Flat Parsley (chop into small pieces) Lemon Juice 1 Hard Boiled Egg 1 tsp. Wholegrain Mustard Seasoning  Mix all ingredients together once chopped 



    • Get fish monger to fillet fish for you if you want to avoid bad smells

    • Make the batter the day before

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