Thursday, 20 April 2017

St. Vincent's Hospital

Over 50 thousand people have signed a petition calling on the Government not to hand over control of the new Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity

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10:00 PM - 26 Apr 17

Reaction from tonight's #NationalMaternityHospital board meeting is coming up -@3NewsIreland at 10pm on @be3Ireland

9:41 PM - 26 Apr 17

Statement from #NationalMaternityHospital board who has "Re-endorsed" it's agreement with St Vincent's @3NewsIreland

9:37 PM - 26 Apr 17

Coming up on #3News at 10 on @be3Ireland, @ZaraKing will have details of what went on at board meeting of the National maternity hospital

9:08 PM - 26 Apr 17

#BREAKING #NationalMaternityHospital board vote overwhelmingly in favour of endorsing the agreement with St Vincent's Hospital Group. #3News

9:00 PM - 26 Apr 17

Now 3 hours into #NationalMaternityHospital board meeting here at Holles Street. @3NewsIreland #3News

8:22 PM - 26 Apr 17

Brand new documentary Europe on the Edge airs on @TV3Ireland tomorrow night at 10pm, where @PaulColgan looks at the…

7:16 PM - 26 Apr 17

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7:00 PM - 26 Apr 17