Monday, 26 September 2016

National tidy towns title is heading to Skerries

Skerries was today confirmed as the tidiest town in the country.  

Gardai have renewed their appeal for information on the whereabouts of William Mulvihill, who went missing in Trale…

9:39 AM - 17 Aug 17

At least 7 people, including 2 children, have been killed in a gang related shooting at a hospital in Guatemala #3News

8:41 AM - 17 Aug 17

Production on "Mission: Impossible 6" has been halted after @TomCruise suffered an injury on set. Actor broke his ankle during a stunt

7:51 AM - 17 Aug 17

Simon Coveney says he is determinated to see Ibrahim Halawa released from prison. it's 4 years today since Dubliner was arrested #3News

6:22 AM - 17 Aug 17

Almost 200 victims of landslides and flooding in Sierra Leone have been laid to rest in a mass burial. 600 still missing #3News

6:21 AM - 17 Aug 17

Rio Games ticket controversy will be back in the spotlight today - when leading figures in Irish sport appear before an Oireachtas Committee

6:21 AM - 17 Aug 17

Mayor of Phoenix among those appealing for Trump to call off a rally next week, in respect to Charlottesville victims #3News

6:21 AM - 17 Aug 17

Donald Trump has disbanded 2 business councils after a number of CEOs quit in protest at his response to violence in Charlottesville #3News

6:20 AM - 17 Aug 17