Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cork becomes biker's paradise for a weekend

Cork is set to become a biker's paradise this weekend. And its for a good cause. Our southern correspondent Paul Byrne has the story.

Reading the news at 10 @IrelandAMTV3, coming up we have the latest on Graham Dwyer case, 8th Amendment Referendum, and 77 deaths in Syria

9:46 AM - 20 Feb 18

The Referendum on the 8th Amendment will move a step closer today with the Cabinet set to agree the provisional wording.

6:49 AM - 20 Feb 18

Lawyers for Graham Dwyer will go to the High Court this morning to challenge the use of data from mobile phone prov…

6:49 AM - 20 Feb 18

77 civilians have reportedly been killed in a heavy Syrian bombardment of a rebel-held area outside Damascus.

6:48 AM - 20 Feb 18

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley is expected to set out her position later today about what she plans to do…

6:48 AM - 20 Feb 18

Tens of thousands of people have taken part in protests across the United States in favour of tighter gun control l…

6:48 AM - 20 Feb 18

WATCH: Space may not be the final frontier for the government. It has revealed a plan to develop a blueprint for bu…

10:30 PM - 19 Feb 18

On 3News at Ten tonight: -Gun law protest at White House -Taoiseach & UK PM talk on north -Woman freed after firear…

9:50 PM - 19 Feb 18