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Tuesday, 09 February 2016

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Continuity IRA claim responsibility for Dublin shooting

Gardai are investigating claims that a dissident republican group was responsibile for last week's gun...

Monday, 08 February 2016

Vote 2016: Tipperary to be closely fought

Alan Cantwell heads to Tipperary, set to be one of the most tightly fought constituencies during...

Monday, 08 February 2016

On the campaign trail with Enda Kenny

In the first of a series of reports in the run up to polling day, Ursula Halligan joins Enda...

Monday, 08 February 2016
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8 Feb, 2016

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8 Feb, 2016

And Finally

Beyonce steals Superbowl show

The  Denver Bronco's took the Superbowl last night, but as usual there was plenty of...

Monday, 08 February 2016

Beyonce steals the show at the Superbowl

The 50th SuperBowl saw the Denver Bronco's take the title in the US last night, but it was Beyonce who...

Monday, 08 February 2016

The race against time to save a beached whale

Experts say there's no hope of saving a sperm whale stranded on a UK beach. 

Thursday, 04 February 2016
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Joan Burton declines to say rise in min wage is a red line issue, but it is one of Labour's most important priorities #GE16 #TV3News

11:33 AM - 9 Feb 16

Joan Burton: confident she will be able to convince FG of the need to raise minimum wage, if same coalition is re-elected #GE16 #TV3News

11:29 AM - 9 Feb 16

Joan Burton: 'Appalled' by killing last night. Ability of gangs to source money and weapons is unacceptable #TV3News #GE16

11:23 AM - 9 Feb 16

Joan Burton: Apprenticeships dropped off the radar "as the boom got boomier". Labour will create 50k of them #GE16 t.co/jD0dbzDpDC

11:13 AM - 9 Feb 16

Labour announces plans for a living wage and investing in skills. #GE16 #TV3News t.co/rBTZHbitRu

11:09 AM - 9 Feb 16

It's Pancake Tuesday at the Rock Steps Blarney St Cork. @gardainfo t.co/HPsItSSpEA

10:20 AM - 9 Feb 16

More info tonight from @GardaTraffic on the shooting dead of a man tonight in Dublin #tv3news t.co/xxxEf0U6jh

11:44 PM - 8 Feb 16