Tuesday, 01 September

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

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Irish Nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy to return home after charges are dropped

The Irish nanny who was wrongly accused of murdering a one-year-old girl in the United States has said...

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Taoiseach meets with Garda Commissioner over status of the IRA

The Taoiseach met with the Garda Commissioner and senior ministers this morning as the political...

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Creditors of Clerys department store meet with the liquidators

Creditors of the now closed Clerys department store who haven't been paid, have met with the...

Tuesday, 01 September 2015
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And Finally

Stumbling on a work of art

The family of a 12 year old boy who accidentally punched a hole in a valuable painting, got some good...

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Two brothers celebrating scratch card win

Two brothers are celebrating after turning two euro, into €50,000. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Surgeons perform world's first skull and scalp transplant

Pioneering surgeons in Texas have carried out the world's first skull and scalp transplant on a cancer...

Friday, 05 June 2015
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#Clerys meeting between liquidators & creditors has ended - I'll have all the details on The 12.30 #TV3News

12:24 PM - 1 Sep 15

Irish Nanny wrongly accused of murder wants to come home, On-the-run sex offender arrested, Jobless stats static in August #TV3News @12.30

12:15 PM - 1 Sep 15

On The 12.30, I'll be reporting live from today's meeting between #Clerys creditors & liquidators #TV3News t.co/NSb4ziYATV

12:06 PM - 1 Sep 15

A meeting between #Clerys creditors & liquidators is getting underway #TV3News t.co/8WMOzNzW9C

11:15 AM - 1 Sep 15

Former #Clerys workers arrive at today's meeting with liquidators #TV3News t.co/fVYkoHrD8i

11:11 AM - 1 Sep 15

Former #Clerys concession holders arriving for a meeting with liquidators #TV3News t.co/TcMJl9lPVI

10:59 AM - 1 Sep 15

On #TV3News at 8, Aisling McCarthy Brady case, #migrantcrisis #Ballydowd HIQA report, #farmers protest, #KanyeWest and more

8:04 PM - 31 Aug 15