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  • Lady Gaga throws a musical fit at LA bar

    Lady Gaga throws a musical fit at LA bar

    Lady Gaga rocked out to her new track Aura at a Los Angeles hotspot on Sunday.


    Lady Gaga stunned restaurant goers in Los Angeles on Sunday.


    The singer joined friends at West Hollywood celebrity hotspot The Abbey when her latest leaked song, Aura, blared over the speakers.


    Fans stormed social networks posting video and photos of the star online.


    Gaga is seen throwing her hands up in the air, tossing her head and convulsing as she jams to the track and people crowd around.


    The song, believed to be from her forthcoming album ARTPOP, leaked online earlier this week.


    Gaga responded by urging fans to remove links to the song, insisting what they were hearing was an unfinished demo that wasn't ready to be heard.


    "Please take these [links] down as much as possible," she wrote fans on social media.


    She took to Twitter later in the week with a furious rant after a version of a new single, entitled Applause, leaked.


    Gaga said her team was working to track down the person responsible.


    "Lord, in HEAVEN WHY, YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY. Don't worry. THE HAUS BUREAU is on the case," she tweeted.


    She also asked that fans and critics respect the hard work that went into producing her tracks by not playing them over the internet.


    "Now its not that we HATE computer speakers its just they're not as HQ. We spent time actually making sure it sounds good in s**t speakers," she explained.


    The star, real name Stefani Germanotta, announced last month Applause would be available August 19.


    She will debut the single live at the MTV Video Music Awards the following week.


    The August 25 performance will mark a major triumph for the singer, who underwent hip surgery in February to treat a hip break, a labral tear and severe inflammation of her joints.


    The star was wheelchair-bound for several weeks and had to cancel the remaining dates on her Born This Way Ball concert tour, as well as put the album on hold.


    ARTPOP will be available November 11.


    It is the singer's first album since 2011's Born This Way.

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