• Erin Wasson reveals architecture inspiration

    Erin Wasson reveals architecture inspiration

    Erin Wasson often sees light fittings she wants to make into jewellery.

    Erin Wasson's style is inspired by architecture.

    The model has been a brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics for several years and recently fronted a campaign for Rockport.

    She has also designed clothes and has a jewellery line called Low Luv, which she has ideas for in the strangest places.

    "Most of my inspiration comes from architecture," she told "[I like to] find something in the undiscovered. I might see a hanging lamp and think, 'That would be a really beautiful earring or pendant.' You see a window panel or a door and it gets the wheels turning."

    Erin prides herself on her laidback look and has a favourite pair of boots which she's had resoled many times. She would rather be in something comfortable than be praised for rocking the most up-to-date trends.

    "My style is utilitarian," she giggled. "You mean my jeans and white T-shirts? And my cowboy boots. There's something so timeless about them. I just had a pair of Old Gringo boots made, which took seven months."

    The star is also a supporter of charity and is gearing up to help raise funds for Saving America's Mustangs, an organisation dedicated to the wild horses. Erin is working on a "garage sale", which will have more exclusive items on offer than most.

    "I don't care if it's Marc Jacobs or a Chanel handbag, everything is $100 or less," she explained.

    "My style is about contradiction. To me, the ideal woman is both strong and vulnerable. It comes out in everything I make."

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