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  • Drew Barrymore seeks advice from Steven Spielberg

    Drew Barrymore seeks advice from Steven Spielberg

    Drew Barrymore turned to Steven Spielberg for advice to protect her daughter from the paparazzi.

    The 37-year-old actress - who gave birth to her first child Olive last September - is struggling to deal with the attention she has had since becoming a mum and she said her famous movie director godfather and husband Will Kopelman have given her excellent advice to deal with photographers.

    She said: ''Unless I was to move underground with no windows, there's no way to avoid this, so I thought about the people that I look up to... People who have grace and they seem happy and they give us an example of how to behave.

    ''I talked to my husband... He's someone I think about when I think about that kind of person; I talk to his family, who I love. I talk to my godfather Steven Spielberg.''

    The star - who has been in the spotlight since appearing in 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' when she was just seven-years-old - believes there should be stricter laws about photographing children and she said she's determined to protect her daughter from the attention she endured as a kid.

    She told US chat show 'The View': ''[I've been] crying for two months about having to take my daughter outside into this very tumultuous world that has no protection for people. I agree with other countries when they won't allow the kids to be photographed.

    ''I think there has to be a limit and we teach our children boundaries, and yet the world doesn't have any boundaries to our children and that is an anomaly that I do not support.''