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  • Debbie Harry: I was tired of women being victims

    Debbie Harry: I was tired of women being victims

    Debbie Harry was tired of R&B songs depicting girls ''victimised by love''.

    The Blondie singer is famed for pioneering a punk-influenced idea of feminism and empowerment, giving people sexual confidence through her own music - which see saw as a welcome break from the portrayal of women in other genres.

    She told the Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: ''That was one of the things that was really clear. I think I can take credit for having clarity about that.

    ''I was dead sick and tired of all of these songs by the R&B girls, the trios and stuff. They were all victimised by love. I was sick of it. I didn't want to portray myself or women as victims.''

    Leading a generation may not have been the punk icon's intention - she admitted to not having the ''clarity'' for such a defined purpose - and while she can be credited with forcing a chance in attitude, she feels her involvement was partly down to circumstance rather than destiny.

    She added: ''I don't think I tried to be an important feminist, I didn't have that kind of clarity, but I had a stubbornness and an independence and that came across.

    ''So that was good. I think that it was an idea that was bound to happen, I was just in the right place at the right time.''