[CLOSED] TV3 Group Drama Initiative

[CLOSED] TV3 Group Drama Initiative

TV3 Group announces a New Drama Initiative and call out for submissions to transmit in 2018.

We are currently seeking development scripts and content proposals for 6 x 60’ drama projects in a new slot opportunity post 9pm.

This is an invitation to explore contemporary themes, new and exciting visual styles and narrative which appeal to a broad populist audience.

This is also an excellent opportunity to mix both established and new creative production techniques and cast, with the aim of attaching both new upcoming talent and more prominent internationally recognisable faces.

The Virgin Media Group will also act as co-commission partner as part of their UK and Ireland VOD service. Whilst the drama may be set in contemporary Ireland, the overall style and production value must have international appeal and combine narrative and editorial of interest to this wider audience, whilst remaining true to TV3 Group objectives.

Please note: Companies with a strong track record in drama production and accessing local and international funding are of particular interest for this callout.

The budget expectation for this drama series is 3 million euro, it is expected that some of this will be made up of local funding or grant initiatives. Companies submitting should demonstrate a successful track record in raising such funds and managing multiple stake holders.

Individuals with strong developed concepts, but less experience may be required to combine their pitch with a production company with a successful track record.

Deadline: Submissions for TV3's New Drama Initiative in association with Virgin TV are now closed. 

Other Commissioning Opportunities are also listed on the commissioning portal for Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018. Further information can be found on www.tv3.ie/commissioning.

All applications should be submitted through the commissioning portal.