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• Oscar Ichazo Originator of Psychocalisthenics® states that the key to health is vital energy, which the Chinese call ch'i.
• This energy is what we need if we are going to restore and regenerate ourselves. Exercise aimed at promoting vital energy throughout the organism dramatically reduces the process of aging itself.
• By discovering this key to health, we can ensure a much more vibrant physical, emotional, and intellectual life.

• Psychocalisthenics® is a series of 23 movement/ breathing exercises that awaken every muscle group in the body. They take 15 minutes to perform, giving you lots of extra energy and awareness.
• Each exercise has a precise movement and breathing pattern that promotes anti-aging, vital energy into all your organs, glands, and tissues, making you happy and alert.

• Anti-aging • Improved Health
• Mental Clarity
• Emotional Balance
• Increased Agility

• Diakath breathing is the breathing pattern needed when practising Psychocalisthenics® - try it while reading this – expand your lower belly as you Inhale slowly through your nose. The diaphragm muscle expands downwards as if being pulled. This allows the lungs to fill with air from the bottom to the top. As you Exhale through your nose the belly and diaphragm relax allowing the lungs to empty from top to bottom.
• This is also the breathing technique that you can apply in different situations where clarity of mind and emotional balance will enhance your perspective and understanding.

• Now let’s try one of the exercises using this breathing pattern – join your hands loosely interlaced with your arms hanging loosely in the front of your body;
• Inhale as you raise your arms slowly over your head – the arms extend and relax – still inhaling let the forearms and hands drop down behind your neck. Press your hands together.
• Exhale through your mouth this time as you slowly bring your hands and forearms back above your head and down. Imagine that your arms float down on a cushion of air with your exhalation. Continue the exhalation ending in the starting position with arms hanging loosely in front of your body fingers still interlaced.
• Do this six times- as your lungs breathe fully and consciously our body begins to feel the well – being provided by that depth of breathing – this produces a feeling of calmness and peace.
• The Integration Breath quiets our mind because of the increased oxygen intake into our body. This simple breath/exercise unifies and integrates our entire system.

Saturday 2 July 2011 in the Grand Hotel Malahide Co. Dublin 9.30-4.30pm

Cost: €95 - pre book to secure your place by sending a deposit of €50 before 29 June to:

Declan Rothwell Gresham House 383 Clontarf Road Dublin 3.

email: mobile: 087 6880865