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Best Walking Festivals with Noel Cunningham

Ireland AM

Noel Cunningham joins us with a roundup of some of the best walking festivals around the country.

Wednesday, 11th Jan 9.35am


Child Safety

Ciara gets a rundown of ways to make your home safer for young children. 7mins

Friday, 20th Jan 10.05am

Jackie O style inspiration

From classic shift dresses to statement sunglasses, Jackie O was a fashion trailblazer. Our Friday fashion is inspired by her looks! 11mins

Friday, 20th Jan 9.45am

Look Great After A Workout

What do you need to pack in your kit to stay looking great after working out? Laura Bermingham has some suggestions. 7mins

Friday, 20th Jan 9.35am

The Warning Signs of Diabetes

We're discussing diabetes today - what should you look out for and how do you get checked? 10mins

Friday, 20th Jan 9.20am

Tuna Steaks with Chef Giuseppe

Chef Giuseppe Crupi joins us to make tuna steaks. 8mins

Friday, 20th Jan 8.45am