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Patrick Holford

Saturday AM

Patrick Holford joined us this morning, his new book, 'Improve Your Digestion' tackles the fascinating workings of the digestive system

Saturday, 11th Mar 11.25am


India Pale Ales

It wouldn't be a weekend without thinking of a Saturday night on the town. We'll be sampling IPAs in our beer segment. 7mins

Saturday, 25th Mar 11.45am

Anxiety Symptoms

When does worry and unease turn into anxiety? Our resident GP will be offering advice. 9mins

Saturday, 25th Mar 11.25am

Toad in the Hole

We're making a traditional Toad in the Hole. 7mins

Saturday, 25th Mar 11.10am

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

We're continuing our wedding series; this week we're focusing on trends in bridesmaids' styles. 11mins

Saturday, 25th Mar 10.30am

Wandering Wildlife

With wildlife waking up from hibernation, we'll be giving advice on caring for hedgehogs who might wander into your garden. 7mins

Saturday, 25th Mar 10.20am