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Series 2, Episode 48

Red Rock

Claire, Michael's solicitor, is furious when she discovers that Patricia has been concealing information. 

Monday, 17th Oct 9.30pm

Red Rock

Conor goes to drastic lengths to clear his name and finally discover who killed Brian, while the Kielys are out for blood when they learn of David's dirty tactics 42mins

Monday, 16th Jan 9.00pm

Series 2, Episode 52

David learns of the Kielys' money-lending business and comes up with a desperate plan to get full custody of Luke.  83mins

Monday, 9th Jan 9.00pm

Series 2, Episode 51

In the mid-season finale, Dunne is furious that Nikki disobeyed his orders. Baby Luke has an accident and is rushed to hospital. 43mins

Monday, 7th Nov 9.30pm

Series 2, Episode 50

A picture of a dead body on the beach circulates on social media. Could it be the missing Donna Burke? 43mins

Monday, 31st Oct 9.30pm

Series 2, Episode 49

Michael is ostracised for telling Katie about David's involvement in Darren Kiely's death.  43mins

Monday, 24th Oct 9.30pm