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Thursday, 1st Jan 1.00am

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Monday, 5th Oct 9.00am

The 9am news during Ireland AM 4mins

Monday, 5th Oct 9.00am

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Monday, 5th Oct 8.00am

Government to Increase Disability Allowance

The Government has been urged to increase the disability allowance by 20 euro a week in the upcoming budget.  The government says the move would cost close to 200 million euro. 2mins

Monday, 21st Sep 5.45pm

Hungary Border Patrol

Hungary has passed a new law to deploy troops along its border to stop refugees entering the country illegally.   2mins

Monday, 21st Sep 5.40pm

Advising Irish Water

Members of the public are being asked to join a new forum to advise Irish Water. But the plan has been branded 'a sham'. 2mins

Monday, 21st Sep 5.35pm