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TV3 Live | The Xtra Factor

Apologies, due to international licenses and online rights restrictions we are unable to stream this programme.

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3player | Celebrity Big Brother: Divide & Rule

Celebrity Big Brother: Divide & Rule

Highlights of all the latest events inside the house as... 29/08/2015 22:30 - 23:30
3player | The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Cookery show hosted by John Healy and Sean Moncrieff.... 30/08/2015 01:15 - 02:15
3player | The Best of Ireland AM

The Best of Ireland AM

A weekly round-up of news and entertainment features from... 30/08/2015 02:15 - 03:35
3player | The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

How Could You Beat Your Daughter Because She's Fat? -... 30/08/2015 03:35 - 04:20
3player | Teleshopping


Teleshopping 30/08/2015 04:20 - 05:20

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What is 3player?
3 Player is a free online catch-up service which lets you watch a variety of programmes for up to 28 days after they are broadcast on TV3 and 3e.
What do I need to use the 3player?
You need a computer with an internet connection of at least 1Mbps download speed and a web browser that has the latest Flash plug-in. 3player is has limited compatibility with Apple iPhone and iPad devices.
How do I search for shows?
You can search by date or in the All Shows listings. You can also type in the name of a programme in the search box on every page.
How long after broadcast can I watch a show?
Most programmes are available for 28 days from the day they were broadcast. Due to programme rights restrictions however other programmes, including the soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale and entertainment shows such as The X Factor, Iím A Celebrity and Dancing on Ice are only available for 7 days. Please note that not all shows broadcast on TV3 and 3e are available on the 3 Player, please check the All Shows section to see a full list of programmes.
When will a show be available to view?
We endeavour to make shows available to view immediately after they are broadcast on our channels, however due to the nature of live programming some shows may not be available until 12 hours after broadcast.
What devices can I access the player from?
3player was designed to run on most PCs and Mac format desktop and laptop devices and across most major browsers. Please note that we do not support services on Internet Explorer 6 browser or below. TV3 video content is also available via Sony Bravia internet enabled TVs and certain Sony Blu-Ray players.
Can I watch TV3 and 3e Live?
Due to programming rights restrictions we can only stream certain programming as live on our player, for a list of available programmes and the schedule please click here. Note all our UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and GAA coverage is available via the live stream (Republic of Ireland viewers only).
Can I download content to view later or view on another device?
Due to contents rights restrictions our shows are not available for download.
Can I fast forward through the ads?
Programmes in 3player may include in-stream ads. It is not possible to skip these advertisements. Similarly pre-roll ads also cannot be fast forwarded.
Can I share videos?
Yes a range of social media sharing options are available for each video. These are located just below the video player on each page.
Can I interact with the shows?
Yes, 3player has a range of programmes that you can interact with via Facebook and Twitter. Click the options in the programme title field to be brought to the appropriate page or conversation (by clicking on the hashtag).
Some content is asking me to confirm I am over 18, why is this?
As programming on the 3player can be accessed on a 24 hour basis, due to the nature of certain post-watershed programming we request that viewers confirm that they are over 18.

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